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This year-long module serves as a broad introduction to architectural tectonics, exploring the relationship between design and technology. It focuses on the technical side of architecture encompassing building materials, structural principles and construction elements and methods.

Through the context of precedent case studies, emphasis in the construction content will develop the understanding of material properties and applications, including structure, and how when woven together in construction details will influence the tectonic (and environmental) performance as well as the reception of architecture within a historical and cultural context.

The structures component will be taught primarily from a qualitative perspective with little requirement for students to perform mathematical calculations. Rather the intention is for students to appreciate the basic principles of structural design through hands on experiences testing and making in ‘Labs’ and ‘Design and Make’ Workshops. These principles will be reinforced through lectures and precedent analysis in order to support students critically and creatively understanding the behaviour of structural form as part of architectural design.  

Environmental awareness and responsibility will, as with all modules, be implicit in the taught content.