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Mobile Timetable Update

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Mobile Timetable Update
by Rich Goodman - Monday, 6 February 2017, 8:56 AM

We've been listening to your feedback on access to timetables via phones and tablets, and working hard to produce a good service providing new forward planning information to help you optimise your time.

To access your personal timetable as well as full programme, room, and individual module timetables, make sure you have the latest Google Calendar app on your devices. Download it via Google Play Store or via Apple's App Store. Avoid other versions or alternatives to stay hassle free and skip any gremlins. The app refreshes overnight with any changes made that day.

Once you've got the latest app, your timetable will sync with your mobile calendar but don't forget that you can also check your timetable anytime online.

Keep this link handy so you can always check the latest version of your timetable.