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This page allows you to access the HELM workbooks, the relevant index files, the student's guide and the tutor's guide (in pdf format).

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      1. Basic Algebra

      2. Basic Functions

      3. Equations, Inequalities And Partial Fractions

      4. Trigonometry

      5. Functions and modelling

      6. Exponential and Logarithmic functions

      7. Matrices

      8. Matrix solution of equations

      9. Vectors

      10. Complex Numbers

      11. Differentiation

      12. Applications Of Differentiation

      13. Integration

      14. Applications of integration 1

      15. Applications of integration 2

      16. Sequences And Series

      17. Conics and polar coordinates

      18. Functions Of Several Variables

      19. Differential Equations

      20. The Laplace Transform

      21. The Z transform

      22. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

      23. Fourier series

      24. Fourier transforms

      25. Partial Differential Equations

      26. Functions of a Complex Variable

      27. Multiple Integration

      28. Differential Vector Calculus

      29. Integral Vector Calculus

      30. Introduction to Numerical Methods

      31. Numerical Methods of Approximation

      32. Numerical Initial Value Problems

      33. Numerical Boundary Value Problems

      34. Modelling Motion

      35. Sets and Probability

      36. Descriptive Statistics

      37. Discrete Probability Distributions

      38. Continuous Probability Distributions

      39. The Normal Distribution

      40. Sampling Distributions and Estimation

      41. Hypothesis Testing

      42. Goodness of Fit and Contingency Tables

      43. Regression and Correlation

      44. Analysis of Variance

      45. Non-parametric Statistics

      46. Reliability and Quality Control

      47. Mathematics and Physics Miscellany

      48. Engineering Case Studies

      49. Student's Guide

      50. Tutor's Guide




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