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What's on this site?


Two pages of introduction to the general field of Conversation Analysis (CA), and an overview of who this tutorial is for and what it tries to do.


Eight pages of explanation of why, and how, one makes a transcript of an interaction. The demonstration uses audio extracts (or video extracts if you have a fast connection) to give a 'hands-on' feel.


A page explaining the notation system used by most people in CA.

Anonymising data

Two pages explaining why it's necessary to anonymise most transcripts of non-broadcast talk, with ten principles on how to do it.

Audio and Video

Three short audio and video clips. 


Three longish pages explaining the kind of analyses that CA offers (and what it doesn't), illustrated by two worked examples of analysis of the audio / video extracts.


A page of references to sources referred to on this site.

Links and Books

A page of links to other sites of interest, and of books to consult.    


How to cite this website if you need to.

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