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Notice to all returning students

Notice to all returning students

by M D Davies -
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This is an important notice for all returning students who wish to remain connected to the wireless network at the University.

Returning students who set up their devices last year to connect to the campus wireless network (eduroam), please be aware that the certificates used for the network access authentication are due to expire on Sunday 4 October 2015.

 To remain connected, you will need to reconfigure and obtain a new certificate for the new 2015/16 academic year, for each device.

 This can be done by:

 1. Visiting, from your device log in with username and password and click on ‘Clean-up Certificates’, this will display all certificates issued to you. 

2. If the ‘Valid until’ date is 04/10/2015, you will need to remove the certificate from your device and renew your configuration by downloading the new certificate.

This will need to be done on all the devices you wish to remain connected to the eduroam network for continued access to the wireless network at Loughborough University.

 For further assistance, please visit the PC Clinic in the library, or contact the IT service desk on 01509 222333 or via 

This message only applies to returning students.