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Audio and Video Clips.

If you are reading this via a University site, then there should (usually) be no problem in downloading either the audio or the video files below.

At home, however, you may have downloading problems, I'm afraid. With a slow (56k modem) connection, the video files will almost certainly be just too big to download satisfactorily.

If so, never fear - you can happily use just the audio files for almost all the exercises in this tutorial. And in the worst case, you'll still be able (I hope!) to follow the two exercises in analysis, which rely very much on the written transcript.

NOTE: the clips were taken with an ordinary domestic camcorder, in not much light; so both sound and vision are of low quality.

Video: "Lyn" (sitting) and "Zoe"

Video clip 1: 'hello/I'm here'- about 40 seconds.

Video clip 2: 'the camera's on' - extract of about 15 seconds from clip 1.

Video clip 3: 'you look like Fagin' - about 10 seconds following immediately on from clips 1 and 2.


I am grateful to 'Lyn' and 'Zoe' who have very kindly given permission for these data to be made public on this site. The images and sound, do, however, remain under copyright and ought not be used without further permission.