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These sites provide more CA materials, and on a separate page, here is a list of books to consult.

general News, Links, Bibliographies and more. The most comprehensive place for CA information and resources on the Web is without doubt Paul ten Have's comprehensive and well-organised Ethno / CA News site.
on-line texts CA basics You may well have already found the Wikipedia page, but among the most comprehensive and authoritative short online accounts is written by Jack Sidnell. (See also his 2010 title on the books page.
groups The group I work in. For information on what we do here in the Discourse and Rhetoric Group at Loughborough University, click on this DARG link.
SEDIT. The very active Scottish Ethnomethodology, Discourse, Interaction and Talk Group has a home page with links to news of its activities and members.
The Feminist Conversation Analysis Unit, based at the Unversity of York (England) has a home page. Its aim is to "bring together the technical field of conversation analysis (CA), based in the foundational work of Sacks, Schegloff and Jefferson, and the social and political concerns of feminism."
The Work, Interaction and Technology (WIT) group at King's College, London, is a centre of excellence in multi-modal and applied CA.
AIEMCA. The Australian Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis is a dynamic and active group. Do consult its website for, among other things, a YouTube channel showing videos of CA people explaining various aspects of the field.
Danish group. Paul McIlvenny's excellent MOVIN site is a showcase for a very active Danish-based CA research group and includes useful resources.
Centre for Applied Interaction Research. Based at University College, London, CAIR has information about applied CA research with an accent on speech and language disorder.
My own lecture courses. 'Analysing talk in interaction' is more focussed on Conversation Analysis, while 'Analysing talk and text' puts CA into the context of other forms of Discourse Analysis. Both of them incorporate this tutorial.
Nick Llewellyn's online tutorial at Warwick University. Nick has an excellent CA tutorial online, featuring worked examples of transcription and analysis.
Numa Markee's data-session site. Numa is developing what will be a very useful electronic data sessions site on which people can upload video files, linked transcripts, images and so on, for data sessions at a distance.
An audio-enhanced transcription notation guide by Prof Emanuel Schegloff is online at his home page at the University of California, Los Angeles. This excellent site also features a list of publications available for ordering, and sound files of some of the data Professor Schegloff has used in publications.
CA in Russian Galina Bolden has set up a valuable site to collect and share resources related to doing CA in Russian.
data sources Data sources. The excellent Talkbank site is a source of recordings and transcriptions in a variety of styles, and much else besides.
books Worth a separate page: a list of CA books to consult.