analysing talk
and text
a course for the Universitat Autònoma
de Barcelona
Charles Antaki
Loughborough University
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One basic textbook

You will find all the books below helpful, but if you were to purchase any one book, I would recommend:

Wetherell, M, Taylor, S and Yates, S J (eds) (2001) Discourse theory and Practice: A Reader London: Sage

That has a very useful introduction, and a set of very well chosen, short, specialist chapters on a wide variety of approaches to discourse.

Specialist sources I'll use for Conversation Analysis

Hutchby, I. and Wooffitt, R (1997) Conversation Analysis. Oxford: Blackwell

Antaki, C and Widdicombe, S (1998) Identities in Talk. London: Sage

Other CA sources

Nofsinger, E. (1990) Everyday Conversation. Very readable.

Sacks H (1992) Lectures on Conversation. Oxford: Blackwell. A chance to see it all at first hand. Dip in and you should find something that interests you. See also the Lecture which appears as a Reading in Wetherell et al (2001).

Antaki, C and Diaz, F (2004) Chapter 4 in Iniguez (2004) (see below).

See also the chapters by Heritage "Goffman, Garfinkel and Conversation Analysis"), and by Sacks ("Lecture 1: Rules of Conversational Sequence"), in Wetherell et al (2001) above.

Specialist sources I'll use for Discourse Analysis

Iniguez, L (2003) Analysis del discurso. Editorial UOC

van Dijk, T (1997) Discourse as Social Interaction. London: Sage

Other sources

van Dijk, T (2000) Estudios del Discurso (2 vols.). Barcelona: Gedisa.

Antaki, C, Billig, M, Edwards, D and Potter, J (2002) Discourse Analysis means doing analysis. Discourse Analysis On-Line, vol 1. In Spanish in Athenea, vol 3.

The specialist sources for the two early Pragmatics lectures

Levinson, S (1988) Pragmatics. Cambridge: CUP.

Mey, J (2001) Pragmatics: An Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell

Other sources

There is useful material on Austin in Potter's chapter ("Wittgenstein and Austin", especially pp 43 onwards) in Wetherell et al (2001) (see above).

You will also find helpful material in any modern introduction to Pragmatics, and indeed any good introductory text in Linguistics, if it is broad enough.