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One of the things I use Conversation Analysis for is to find out about I use it to find out about...

... what happens in talk between people with learning disabilities and care staff

2-year project with Mick Finlay, Surrey

Awarded "Outstanding" grade, October 2007

Antaki, C, Young, N and Finlay, M. (2002) Shaping Clients' Answers: Departures from Neutrality in Care Staff Interviews with People with a Learning Disability.  Disability and Society , 17, 435-455

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Finlay, WML, Walton, C and Antaki, C (2008) Promoting choice and control in residential services for people with learning disabilities. Disability and Society,, 23, 349-360.

Finlay, WML, Antaki, C. , Walton, C and Stribling, P. (2008) The dilemma for staff in "playing a game" with people with a profound intellectual disability. Sociology of Health and Illness,, 30, 531-549.

Antaki, C. , Finlay, WML, Walton, C and Pate, L. (2008) Offering choice to people with an intellectual impairment: an interactional study. Journal of Intellectual Disability research, 52, 1165-1175.

Finlay, WML, Antaki, C. and Walton, C. (2008) A Manifesto for the Use of Video in Service Improvement and Staff Development in Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities. British Journal of Learning Disability, 36, 227-231


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