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Another way I find Conversation Analysis useful is in the study of ...

... how psychotherapists and clients achieve their therapeutic goals

1-year project with Ivan Leudar, Manchester

Awarded "Outstanding" grade, June 2004

Antaki, C, Leudar, I and Barnes, R (2005) Diagnostic Formulations in Psychotherapy. Discourse Studies, 7 pp 627-647

Antaki C. (2007) Mental-health practitioners' use of idiomatic expressions in summarising clients' accounts. Journal of Pragmatics, 39, 527-541

Antaki, C., Leudar, I. and Barnes, R., (2007) Members' and Analysts' Analytic Categories: Researching Psychotherapy. In A. Hepburn & S. Wiggins, (eds) Discursive Research in Practice, Cambridge: CUP

Peräkylä, A., Antaki C., Vehviläinen, S. and Leudar, I (eds) (2008) Conversation Analysis and Psychotherapy, Cambridge University Press


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