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Charles Antaki
Loughborough University

Lecture / Seminar 6: The CA tutorial I


None as such, but you'll be working through the 'CA tutorial'.

So far we have worked with written data, but we forget that that is a selective record of what actually happened. We should be looking at least at some video, and think about how that gets transformed into a transcript.

What I'd like to do in this lecture is start to go through the 'CA tutorial' with you - you should have a copy of the disk. If not, see me to get one. Alternatively, you can access it online through my web pages at Loughborough.

This Seminar

We shall be working though issues of transcription - specifically, we will talk about what sort of 'contextual information' to put in (if any).

Next Seminar

Will also be based on the tutorial and we will carry on with issues of transcription. That would be a good time also for us to think about any data extracts that you might be able to bring in, in Danish or English.

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A course for the University of Southern Denmark, Odense 2003