Analysing Talk In Interaction
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Charles Antaki
Loughborough University

Lecture / Seminar 13: Review


Read over your notes, and review the lecture and seminar material

What have we learnt?

I won't put anything on these pages in answer to that question; I hope it will emerge in this last session, which we'll do as a seminar. Bring in any comments, thoughts, and questions, and we'll use those as a basis for looking back.

For example - just to get you thinking:

  •  is CA only about English?
  •  how much does it ignore the context of the words spoken?
  •  does it have a 'political' attitude?
  •  what relation does it have to Discourse Analysis?
  • ....and may more questions besides.

In any case, I hope you have enjoyed the course.

Charles Antaki

A course for the University of Southern Denmark, Odense 2003