Analysing Talk In Interaction
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Charles Antaki
Loughborough University


Basic sources I'll use for Conversation Analysis

Hutchby, I. and Wooffitt, R (1997) Conversation Analysis. Oxford: Blackwell

Antaki, C and Widdicombe, S (1998) Identities in Talk. London: Sage

Drew, P and Heritage, J (1992) Talk at Work. Cambridge: CUP

Other CA sources

Nofsinger, E. (1990) Everyday Conversation. Very readable.

ten Have, P. (1998) Doing Conversation Analysis. London: Sage. Specialised and technical - better to save it till later.

Sacks H (1992) Lectures on Conversation. Oxford: Blackwell. A chance to see it all at first hand. Dip in and you should find something that interests you.

The basic sources for the two early Pragmatics lectures

Levinson, S (1988) Pragmatics. Cambridge: CUP.

Mey, J (2001) Pragmatics: An Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell

Other sources

You will find helpful material in any modern introduction to Pragmatics; some good possibilities are:

Thomas, J. (1996) Meaning in Interaction: an introduction to Pragmatics London: Longman)

Verschueren, J. (1999) Understanding Pragmatics. London: Arnold

Yule, G (1996) Pragmatics. (Oxford Introductions to Language Study). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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A course for the University of Southern Denmark, Odense 2003