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Five top tips to make full use of key services

Five top tips to make full use of key services

by Rich Goodman -
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With the start of term well under way, we thought it would be useful to highlight a few of the key services on offer and where to go to find out more information. 

1. Get the latest Microsoft Office software for FREE. Follow this link for more information

2. Print & collect anywhere on campus – once your device is connected to eduroam and you have uploaded printing credits, see printing instructions to learn how to connect your device.

3. Now that we have shifted from Google to Microsoft Office, find out how to set up the Outlook app to receive emails on your device. 

4. Connect your devices to HallNet (wired network) – once you have registered your device for use on the University network, see HallNet for instructions on connecting to the wired network.

5. Change your password to something more memorable:-

  1. Logon to a campus PC
  2. Click CTRL+ALT+DEL using your keyboard
  3. A small menu will be presented, your password settings can be accessed and the password can be changed… don’t forget to log out!

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