Student statements - important information, please read

by Rich Goodman -

Please be advised that student statements will be issued during the day on Wednesday 20th March 2024, to your student e-mail address.

Feedback on your work: are you getting the most from it?

by Rich Goodman -

Feedback is essential to your learning whilst at University; it helps you understand what you are doing well and how you might improve.

During your degree, you will receive lots of feedback of different types and in different ways - to benefit from it you need to be able to recognise, digest and act upon it. Sometimes it will be obvious that you’re getting feedback (i.e. comments and a mark on a coursework assignment) but other forms of feedback may be less obvious.

We have a dedicated webpage to help you to understand more about the various forms and means by which you’ll receive feedback and empower you to make best use of them all. Using and engaging with feedback will help you to make the most out of the various forms of support you receive and help you to fulfil your potential.

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