A set of online resources covering the use of learning technologies in HE. Developed by Epigeum, a spin-out from Imperial College.

These resources have been created to help you understand the issues surrounding copyright. 


The Learn Staff Room is for everything Learn related. It can only be viewed by staff as it is closed to students.

There are practical 'how to' sections, examples of good practice, and links to the relevant Moodle help docs and other useful external e-learning resources. There is also advice on how to get the most from the VLE and give more to your students.

Topics include:

  • How can Learn help me and my students?
  • Providing resources to your students
  • Communicating with your students
  • Monitoring your students' progress
  • Assessing your students
  • Ethical and corporate considerations


This coures outlines how to use the University's Online Reading LIst system, including how to amend existing lists and creating new ones.

Module created to run the annual Hallnet survey conducted by IT Services.

A module to support the Hands-On with Learn series of workshops, for use where it is appropriate for the participants to all be working on the same module, rather than their own.   Workshop participants will be enrolled on this module.
Hands-on with Learn: Exercise 2