Learn – Acceptable Use Policy

IT Acceptable Use Policy

Staff and students are reminded that you are required to abide by all relevant University policies, in particular the IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Legal Information

Learn is covered by the University Website legal information statement, including disclaimer, privacy policy and legal information, see our disclaimer.

We draw your attention to the following points:

  • Purpose. Material made available by University staff through Learn is for use as part of a particular Loughborough University module or other course of study and cannot be used and/or relied upon for any other purpose.
  • Availability. Every effort will be made to ensure that Learn runs without any problems or interruptions, however Loughborough University will not be liable for and takes no responsibility for this website being temporarily unavailable due to technical or other reasons. All efforts will be made to notify staff and students in advance of planned downtime.
  • Courtesy. You have a responsibility to ensure that information or material which you post to Learn will not be intentionally false, inappropriate, offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, obscene or unlawful. Be careful not to post personal information about other people - respect their privacy. The member of staff concerned has the right to remove any material posted to Learn in connection with their module(s) which they consider inappropriate.
  • Copyright. Staff and students are reminded that intellectual rights infringement (including copyright) is defined as unacceptable use in the University's IT AUP. You must ensure that you have permission to use any third-party material, by way of licence, legislative provision or direct permission from the copyright holder. If you are in any doubt about whether you have permission, contact copyright@lboro.ac.uk. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all information contained within Learn belongs to Loughborough University and is copyright Loughborough University.
  • Plagiarism. You are required to follow the University Regulations, including those governing academic misconduct, as detailed in the Student Handbook. You must make sure that all the work that you submit for assessment is your own and that it is properly referenced. Except for short, fully referenced material, you must under no circumstances reproduce passages, diagrams, drawings, tables or photos borrowed wholesale from books, articles, the internet, or other sources written by a person or persons other than yourself. Similarly, you must not summarise an author's ideas or arguments without providing a full reference. If you do so you are wrongly indicating that you have thought of the points yourself. The University uses a range of methods to detect plagiarism, including automated tools.
  • Monitoring. Learn is logged and monitored by authorized staff as permitted by law. This includes monitoring and evaluation of usage so that staff can evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching and student support and for institutional purposes to measure achievement against targets. Further analysis of stored files and/or interception of communication may occur for a range of lawful purposes, as described in section 3 of the IT Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Personal Information. This system holds personal information about you and has facilities for you to create and store other information. You must keep your username and password confidential and change your password regularly and at any time when you suspect that someone else might know it. If you wish to upload your photograph, it must be a suitable, passport-style photograph of yourself. Remember to log out after you have used Learn, particularly on a public computer.