This module is designed to cover the basics of anti-doping knowledge.

Please allocate one resource point to indicate your preference for which group you would like to be part of for planning & implementing the ILM Complex Activity.

Choose either the Management Project Group or Operational Project Group, with the responsibilities for each to be as roughly outlined below:

Operational Project Group  
Management Project Group  
Time, place, travel and activities
Prepare two-page written briefing sheet outlining purpose, aims and objectives
Produce one-page written risk assessment
Produce simple written budget outlining income and expenditure
Produce simple written implementation plan with tasks, resources and personnel identified
Prepare 10-minute briefing to be given to cohort and Richard Taylor
Design a feedback sheet to be completed by fellow learners and Richard Taylor
Deliver 10-minute briefing (2 of us)
Design a reflection sheet to be completed individually and by all learners
Design a development plan template to be used individually by all learners
Prepare a 1-page post-CTA report on behalf of whole cohort

E-learning module for staff who handle and/or process credit card payments as part of their role.

Training resources for Wardens and Sub-wardens