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Important changes to student data storage - summer 2019

Important changes to student data storage - summer 2019

by Rich Goodman -
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Improvements are being made to the student data storage service over the summer to increase storage size and accessibility of files, including changes in computer labs. As part of these changes undergraduate data contained within individual workspaces (U: Drive) will be transferred to OneDrive.

Individual workspaces (U: Drive) will be accessible but made read-only for undergraduates during this transition period. Once all work is completed this storage will be removed from operation.

Postgraduates will continue to have full access to individual workspaces (U: Drive)

To support the use of OneDrive in Windows Labs, a new OneDrive client will be provided. 

Further information on the Summer 2019 changes can be found here:

Alternatively, you can contact the PC Clinic or IT Service Desk.