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Reminder - Semester 1 Online Examinations

Reminder - Semester 1 Online Examinations

by Rich Goodman -
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The Semester 1 online examination session will start on Monday 18 January 2021 and will end on Wednesday 3 February 2021.

Please check your personalised timetable and make a note of the specific dates (and final submission times) of the examinations that you will be required to sit. 

Further information on the arrangements for the Semester 1 examination session can be found in the ‘Exams and assessments’ pages of the Student Handbook

If you have any problems downloading the examination paper or uploading your answers during a remote exam, help will be available as follows:

UK Telephone Helpline: 01509 222900

International Telephone Helpline: 00 44 1509 222900

(between 8am and 6pm UK (GMT) time, Monday to Friday)

Outside of these hours, or if you are not able to make a phone call, please email from your University account including your student ID number and module code: This mailbox will be monitored during the hours above.

Please note that the helpline will not be able to assist with queries about the content of the examination paper.

In the unlikely event of a significant problem with Learn or an individual examination paper, we will contact affected students urgently by email. 

How the Remote Exams Work

  • You should download the examination paper from your Learn Timeline or the relevant module page.. If you cannot see your exam on your timeline, search for it, using the module code in the search bar of your Learn landing page. The paper will only be available from the start time on your timetable.
  • You should upload your work as one single PDF file - instructions how to do this are available here.
  • The PDF file must be labelled as follows:  Student ID/registration number, followed by the module code and then ‘Exam’ e.g."B123456-20GYB400-Exam" (unless you are advised otherwise for a specific exam). 
  • Include your ID number (but not your name) at the top of each page and number the pages of the material you plan to submit.
  • We strongly recommend that you access the practice module, before your first exam, so that you can familiarise yourself with the process of downloading and uploading documents (particularly merging documents into a single PDF). The practice module can be found can be found at
  • The final submission time displayed on your timetable is unique to you, and you must submit your answers by this time. For 1b exams this time includes 30 minutes for the purpose of downloading the exam paper and uploading your answers. Any work received after this time will be treated as a late submission unless a valid Mitigating Circumstances claim is submitted.

Academic Integrity

The University expects all students to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity during the conduct of all assessment processes.You are reminded that:

  • Your answers must be entirely your own work. You must not use answers/content provided wholly or in part by others/other sources.
  • You must not share any information or discuss how to interpret or do the questions with anyone else whilst you or they are still taking the exam.

The University has a number of measures in place to ensure students cannot cheat in assessments, including in online examinations, and any attempts to do so and/or gain an unfair advantage will be taken very seriously. Further information on academic integrity can be found at