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FURTHER UPDATE - University print services restored

FURTHER UPDATE - University print services restored

by Gregory Milsted -
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We have successfully deployed all the required Microsoft updates to address the global security vulnerability that has affected printing across campus over the last week. We have therefore now restored all print services to the University. However there will be limited printing available from lab computers as printing from these devices will be restored as they are upgraded over the summer. Students can still print from their own devices to the printers on campus or contact the University’s Print Services 

It is important to continue connecting periodically to the VPN when working from home and also to reboot your computer to allow the successful download and install of essential security updates. Security updates should not be postponed unless absolutely necessary.


If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the IT Service Desk

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Following the decision on Friday to suspend the University’s printing services because of a global security risk, Creative & Print Services and IT Services are working to restore printing to campus. The issue has been escalated with Microsoft at the highest possible priority level, however we are still waiting for a secure and non-disruptive fix. In the meantime, we have the following advice:

How to print during this period

Printing is still available through the OnlineShop by submitting a PDF and then either collecting from Herbert Manzoni Building or arranging delivery. Please be aware that as this is the only printing service available there may be delays.

If you need to convert Office documents to PDF please use the method File > Save as Adobe PDF, rather than File > Print > Adobe PDF. If you cannot convert to PDF and still require print output, then please contact Creative & Print Services via

How to stay secure

If you haven’t already registered for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) please do so now.

If you are working from home using a University-managed PC, please remember to connect via the VPN for at least 2 hours and then reboot when convenient. This will ensure you receive your security updates.

--- Previous Announcement ---

On Friday 2nd July 2021 the University took a decision to suspend the University printing service following a security alert from Microsoft and Jisc. This decision was taken to mitigate a serious global security vulnerability affecting Microsoft print services. We will review the decision on Monday but this suspension will remain in place at least for the weekend. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We expect restoration of the service to remain problematic until a security patch is released by Microsoft.


All printing including: 

·       Swipe card printers (MFDs) 
·       Creative and Print Online Shop 
·       PDF file creation
·       Printing in Labs 
·       Library printing 
·       Large format printing