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Notification of Learn Rollover - Monday 11th July - Tuesday 12th July

Notification of Learn Rollover - Monday 11th July - Tuesday 12th July

by Gregory Milsted -
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Every summer Learn is 'rolled over' for the next academic year. This means that modules are recreated on a new version of Learn reset from any previous year student interactions. The content on the majority of taught modules is automatically hidden pending review (and updating as appropriate) by module leaders in readiness for the new academic year. All modules from the current academic year are copied to an archived version of Learn (Learn21). 


This year the rollover is scheduled for Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th July. During this process the system which underpins Learn (moodle) will be updated. As a consequence Learn is scheduled to be unavailable from 12:00am on Monday 11th July through to 5:00pm on Tuesday 12th July. We always aim to complete the rollover process as soon as we can and often return the Learn system to normal service within 24 hours.

Anyone visiting Learn during this period will be greeted with a message explaining the downtime, and we will keep the site updated throughout the procedure.

During the rollover, a copy of the current system is taken and this creates the "Learn Archive" for the previous 2021/22 academic year. Material in the Learn archive is only available to those students and staff who were registered on the module during that academic year.

The new version of Learn is created as a copy of the previous year with the previous years student participation removed. Module content uploaded by staff is not removed. Colleagues should note that, as has happened in previous years, module content in modules in the new version of Learn will be set to 'hidden' by default and we ask that modules are suitably configured for the new academic year. Module Leaders will therefore need to check each of your modules before the start of the academic year to review/update/amend content and display resources as appropriate.