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How can the library help you with your assignments?

How can the library help you with your assignments?

by M Staples -
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The Study Skills Resources LUA001 module on Learn, can help you to find the best quality information to include in your work, or offer guidance on how to write an essay or report. The module also covers, academic reading, notetaking, planning & time management, presentations, group work, critical thinking, plus more!  Just pick whichever topics you are interested in. There are on-demand videos, advice sheets & bookable live workshops.  

If you prefer online tutorials, then take a look at the Academic Research Kit (ARK) which helps you to succeed in your academic life and in the workplace. Topics include discovering, evaluating and managing information, referencing & information ethics, careers & enterprise.  

The Academic Librarians can also help if you need 1-2-1 support or have a subject specific enquiry, just email: .