MSc Studying Abroad Opportunities

  • Welcome to the Study Abroad LEARN pages

    This is the place to find information about the study abroad opportunities offered to students on the MSc International Business.  

    You can find out about where you can study, when you can study, how to apply, and the practical implications of a study abroad exchange. 

    It should be read in conjunction with the information contained in our FAQ's. Contact the SBE International Relations Office with any other questions.

  • When can I study abroad?

    Students studying on the MSc in International Business study abroad during the second semester of the programme. You will only be able study abroad if:

    • Your programme started in September/October 2021
    • You have been studying on the Loughborough campus in semester one i.e. you have not been studying remotely online

    • More information about our partners

      Here you'll find lots more information about our partners - term dates, the modules they offer, more information about accommodation, etc.

      This information will be updated as we receive it for 2021-22.

    • How do I apply?

      Applications are managed by the SBE International Relations Office.

      If you are thinking about studying abroad, you should let us know by 10th September and take time to research your options before you arrive in Loughborough. This is important because you will have to make an application to study abroad very soon after the start of the first semester.

      To formally begin the application procedure you will have to attend a Study Abroad advising session (online) before the 5th October. The session will give you more information on the study abroad options and allow you to meet members of the International Relations Office to discuss practical aspects of studying abroad. You will then attend an individual meeting with Dr Angelika Zimmermann on the 5th October to discuss your choices and the academic side of your exchange in detail and to get advice about completing your application form.

      To apply, you will need to return a completed application form to us by 6th October

      A panel will meet immediately after this and we aim to inform you of whether your application is successful by 7th October. You will need to confirm your place and at this stage you will be committed to undertaking your exchange.

      When we have your confirmation we will contact your host university to ‘nominate’ you formally to them. They will contact you directly to tell you how to apply using their own (normally online) system.

    • What do I need to do while I'm there?

      While on your study exchange you are required to attend your teaching programme and complete your assessments. The actual requirements will depend on where you are going and what modules you are registered on - make sure you know what the requirements are before you go!

      Importantly, do not forget to carry on with the online version of some modules at Loughborough Univeristy which run during semester two. You will also have to complete the assessment for these module. Dr Angelika Zimmermann will advise you on which modules require attention in semester 2.

      You should also remain in touch with both Loughborough and your host institution. If you experience any difficulties, make sure you let us know and seek advice from us early on.

      • What should I do to prepare?

        We will aim to support you throughout the application process once you have submitted the Study Abroad Application form. 

        Please read carefully through all relevant information regarding your chosen university and modules (including assessments) that you will take abroad. Also make sure you obtain all relevant practical information regarding travel, accommodation, registration, finances, etc, and that you organise the practicalities in time. Relevant information is available through:

        • This webpage and the FAQ's

        • The MSc International Business induction session on 1st October

        • Before handing in the application form:  At least one meeting with the International Business Academic Exchange Co-Ordinator (concerning your module choices abroad)

        • Information sent to you by the partner university after you have handed in your application form (concerning the university, chosen modules, and practicalities)

        • Studying at one of our partner universities does not incur any additional tuition costs in fees over and above what you would be paying to study at Loughborough University. For more information please see the University's Central Exchanges webpages.
        • For remaining academic queries, email the exchange co-ordinator, Dr Angelika Zimmermann, at

        • For other remaining queries, email the International Relations at When you arrive in Loughborough, feel free to arrange an online meeting with us.

        • Tips from students

          Each year, we ask our students to complete an experience report about their exchange period. These provide a very useful insight from the perspective of a student. They include very useful information about the academic experience, the host partner and region, accommodation, and a wealth of practical tips. Please note that we do not modify the students' reports so some have a positive experience and some talk about the difficulties that they faced. 

          We have a small number of reports from MSc students, and many more from undergraduate students who have gone to the same partner. Please get in touch if you would like to see more experience reports and we will see what we are able to provide. 

        • Getting ready to leave

          There will be a 'Getting Ready to Leave' Session before Christmas to ensure you are on track with your planning and understand what is required of you during your study exchange. 

          • Speak to Someone

            Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to find out more.

            You can contact the International Relations Office by emailing us at If you would like a 1-to-1 meeting to discuss studying abroad please book an online meeting via the online booking system on these LEARN pages.