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      This part of our financial planning service involves establishing your current position and determining solutions to meet your needs and objectives. The following aspects are normally Included in the service:

      • Completion of a factfind to help us understand your current circumstances
      • Listen to your views
      • An introduction to the different types of investments available
      • Assessment of your attitude to investment risk
      • Analysis of any existing plans that you own
      • A discussion around the options available to you
      • A personal recommendation report
      • Implementation of a mutually agreed financial plan

      The aim of the Initial Advice Service is to put in place a financial action plan that meets your current needs and objectives. Over time your circumstances are likely to change, and your financial plans may also need to change as well. To minimise the chances of your plans being derailed you can choose to receive a regular Ongoing Advice Service.

      Our success is built on trusted long term relationships with clients. We are available to discuss anything that you feel is important to you, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time. The little things are often very important. A full review is most commonly carried out annually, however, it can be more frequent if you wish. A review normally includes the following:

      • Obtain up to date details of your circumstances
      • Re-assessment of your attitude to risk
      • Valuation and analysis of investments
      • Listen to your views
      • Establish whether any changes should be made to your plans
      • Implement any agreed changes

      In addition to this we fulfil a number of functions during the year such as dealing with ongoing administration, keeping you informed of changes in legislation which could have an impact on you and providing you with general financial information which you may find of interest.

      • Savings and Investment
      • Pension Planning
      • Life Assurance
      • Income Protection
      • Mortgages
      • Inheritance Tax Planning
      • Trust Investments
      • Tax Planning
      • NHS Pension Scheme (for NHS employees)
      • Practice Buy-in (for GPs)
      • Locum Cover (for GPs)