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    Welcome to Student and Graduate Enterprise on Learn!


    This module will keep you up to date with latest events, news and competitions regarding Student and Graduate Enterprise at Loughborough University and the Students Union. There are also many resources available from past workshops and forums including PowerPoint presentations, videos, podcasts, useful contact details and links and much more so, if you missed a Student and Graduate Enterprise session, here’s your chance to catch up!


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    Please note, for all of our workshops, you must register in advance through Eventbrite. Links will be posted once registration is open for the latest workshop.


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      Business Clinic

      Our Business Clinic gives you the opportunity to book one to one slots with a Business Advisor. The Clinics are held each month at the Students Union.

      Contact Marina Pickles  for more information .

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         The Student and Graduate Enterprise Forums give you the chance to hear from successful business owners, inventors, enterprise and innovation experts. You will get the chance to ask questions and find out how they made it where they are today and any hints, tips and advice you may need if you're starting your own business of heading into employment.

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          Student and Graduate Enterprise Websites

          We bring you up-to-date with everything that’s happening regarding Student and Graduate Enterprise at Loughborough University and the Students Union including news, events, latest competitions and any other interesting snippets that may be of interest to you.


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            Being enterprising and getting involved in Student Enterprise is a great way to boost your employability skills, improve your CV and make you more appealing to graduate employers.

            Student Enterprise can help you to bridge the gap between university and work, prepare you for self-employment and help you gain relevant and useful business experience. It is very important for graduates to demonstrate to employers that you have a basic understanding of commerce and day to day business concepts, no matter what your industry and Student Enterprise can help you gain this knowledge.

            Loughborough Employability Award

            The Loughborough Employability Award can provide you with a framework through which you can receive recognition for your extra curricular commitments including work experience, voluntary work, roles of responsibility and many other activities which encourage personal development.

            Almost all of our Student Enterprise extra-curricular activities are listed on the Employability Award so, if you are enrolled on the award, take a look at how you can get involved and start earning your points!

            For more information about the award and to see if you are eligible to apply, follow the link below.