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Global Career: A cultural Perspective

Global Career: A cultural Perspective

by Gregory Milsted -
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Global Career: A cultural Perspective

Thinking of an international career? Looking for a graduate job with overseas opportunities?

This 2 hour interactive course aims to help you to develop an awareness of different cultures to support you in the recruitment process and in your future career. Participating in the course will help you develop an insight into business culture and provide you with knowledge and competencies to succeed in a culture that is different from your own.

* Includes introduction to culture, language and body language, the culture of business; different company cultures, a brief insight into Hofstede’s principles and the skills you will need to be a global employee. Also the effects of culture shock and how to cope with this. We will provide tips to help you find jobs overseas.

Tuesday 3rd May, 6pm – 8pm in The Space (2.08), Bridgeman Building

The course is being run by the Careers Network and the English Language Support Service.

The event is open to UK, EU and international undergraduate and post graduate students from any degree subject.

Participation will count as an activity towards the Loughborough Employability Award.

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