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Feedback: what's in it for you?

Feedback: what's in it for you?

by Rich Goodman -
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Many of you will have recently submitted coursework or undertaken exams and assessments. You’ll no doubt be receiving feedback for these soon if you haven’t already, but why is feedback so important?

There are multiple benefits to engaging with the different forms of feedback you’ll receive throughout your degree. These include: 

Helping you to understand your strengths and where you can improve 

Enhancing your learning, progression and performance 

Improving your future assessments and work 

You can find out more about the different types of feedback you receive for your work, as well as some clear definitions of some of the phrases used on our dedicated Feedback webpage here. If you’re not sure how to access or download feedback on your work in Learn or Turnitin, check out this tutorial

If you have any questions regarding your feedback, contact your Lecturer in the first instance. You can also discuss any comments in your assignments with your Personal Academic Tutor. If you’d like additional support on any areas you’d like to improve, take a look at our Library Learning Support resources or the Academic Writing Support service.