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Staff only: Changes to TurnItIn

Staff only: Changes to TurnItIn

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If you use TurnItIn on any of your Learn modules, please read the following.  Now that Learn has been 'rolled over', all TurnItIn assignments will need to be re-created for the new session.  This is no different from previous years, although the software the interface to TurnItIn within Learn has changed and looks slightly different.

A six-slide PowerPoint presentation is available (at ) to show students how to submit coursework using the new TurnItIn assignment.  It may be added to a module as a standalone resource or incorporated into a lecture presentation.

  • If your module uses a TurnItIn assignment activity, a new instance of the activity will need to be created in the 2014-15 module, just as you should have created a new activity last year.

  • The new TurnItIn assignments will be created with a new version of the software, and work through a new TurnItIn account.

  • As usual, students involved in the SAP will use last year’s edition of Learn (which will be called Learn13) and the old 2013 TurnItIn assignments will still work.

Colleagues who use the TurnItIn app for iPad might like to note that a new version of the app has been released with significant improvements. If you have an earlier version installed, this should update automatically.