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    Welcome to this CPD course on Disordered Eating in Athletes.

    This course provides information and guidance for coaches and sports professionals on the identification and management of eating problems among athletes. This evidence-based course has been carefully designed to improve coach awareness and knowledge about eating problems among athletes and will equip coaches with the confidence and skills needed to identify eating problems among their athletes. The course includes resources and tips for coaches and sports professionals to guide them through approaching, supporting and facilitating the recovery of athletes with potential eating problems.

    Disclaimer: Information in this course is for guidance only and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice. If you believe an athlete may have an eating problem, please get them to contact their GP for medical advice and do not try to resolve the issue alone.

    The information provided in this course is designed to supplement sports professionals’ knowledge about eating problems in athletes, and to provide guidance on signposting athletes to sources of medical support. Loughborough University cannot accept liability for adverse effects sustained when following guidance in this course. We are not a medical facility and information contained on our website or in our materials should not be used to treat or diagnose medical conditions of any kind.

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