WSRESTF - Foundation Studies

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    Foundation Studies

    This Foundation Studies package will provide you with the basic knowledge required to undertake CREST's MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology. For many of you, much of the course will comprise of revision. Please read the information below carefully before you begin


    • ohms law File 328.3KB PDF document
    • Capacitors File 421.9KB PDF document
    • Inductors File 367KB PDF document
    • RC and L/R Time Constants File 351.2KB PDF document
    • Metric Notation File 90.1KB PDF document
    • What is Network Analysis File 271.7KB PDF document
    • Thevin's Theorem File 271.7KB PDF document
    • Why Alternating Current File 1.7MB PDF document
    • Power in AC Circuits File 1MB PDF document
    • The Transformer File 497.6KB PDF document
    • The Induction Machine File 497.6KB PDF document
    • The Synchronous Machine File 497.6KB PDF document
    • Semiconductor Theory File 214.3KB PDF document
    • The PN Junction File 200.4KB PDF document