Design & Tech CAD

Level 1 Modelling

Level 2 Modelling

Reference geometry
Variable Section Sweep
Layers & visibility
Adv. Rounds
Mathematical control
Advanced Patterns
Draft & Split plane Trim
Geometry from 2D graphics
Model analysis


Skeleton based surfacing:
Model Analysis
Section Curvature
Boundary Blend
Construction and manipulation
Trim, Merge & Solidify
3sided surfaces
Offset Surfaces


Level 3 Modelling


Engineering Drawings

CNC Machining





Level 2 Modelling

The main emphasis at this level will be on more complex modelling strategies and planning.  Your models should be more robust and flexible - if you make a change to feature no.5 of 100 how many failed features are you going to have to deal with?

Your design intent should be fully captured in the chosen references and dimensioning schemes.  We will also look to improve and consolidate skills gained in Level 1

We shall also be introducing Surface Modelling techniques to create forms with complex curved surfaces with cannot be achieved through standard modelling functionality.


Modelling Functionality to date


Base features:



   Sweep by default use the Variable Section Sweep function


Blends [Loft]

    Swept Blend

   Boundary Blend - surface modelling


Engineering Features: all in right toolbar

    Round [fillet]





Edit Feature: all in right toolbar






Loughborough Design School Sean Kerslake 2011