Design & Tech CAD

Level 1 Modelling

Introduction to 3D CAD     modelling
Design Intent
Intro to Creo through
  the Extrude feature

Editing the Model
Managing the Model
Robust Modelling
Swept Blend
Engineering Features
Edit Features

Reference Geometry
Helical Sweep

Level 2 Modelling

Level 3 Modelling


Engineering Drawings

CNC Machining






In this section we shall be covering the fundamentals of 3D modeling in Creo.

A thorough understanding of 3D modeling theory will not only allow you to move more easily onto the next level but will also allow you to move more easily between different 3D feature based CAD packages.

This degree is enabling you to become technically competent product designers and as such CAD is an essential skill, as digital processes become more dominant in industry that skill will become more important.  Over the last 10 years CAD software has become more generic and accessible and easier to use.

Level 1 will take you through modeling with primitives (Extrudes and Revolves) to modeling forms with non linear forms and changing cross sections (Sweeps and Blends).  It will then look at how we can modify those forms using Engineering Features (Fillet, Chamfer, Hole and Shell) and then how we can replicate those forms using Edit Features (Mirror and Pattern).

Underlying many of these features is a 2D driving sketch.  We will look at how we build a robust sketch which intelligently captures our design intentions and flexes appropriately as our form developes.

As we are develop a concept in CAD as technically aware designers, we need to build our model with a formal and robust structure - this may take a little more time at the outset but will pay huge dividends as the model becomes more complex and is developed towards a model ready for mass manufacture.


Loughborough Design School Sean Kerslake 2011