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CNC Machining in the Department

A majority of high volume consumer products still have a heavy reliance on injection moulding to produce the component parts.  CNC machining in the Department will give you an insight into the issues - capabilities and restrictions - of the process and help you design products which will need fewer changes in the downstream design process and will therefore get to market quicker.

These pages guide to you through the procedure required to produce a file to drive the CNC milling and routing machines in the Department.

This section is primarily aimed at students undertaking the Design for Manufacture Injection Mould Tool project but is equally applicable to any CNC machining.

If you would like to use these machines outside of the usual modules then please talk to SPK regarding your requirements.

CNC vs RP discussion here

Our machines, their application and capacity.......

Denford Milling
Machines - 3 Axis
Boxford Router - 3 Axis
Unimatic Router - 4 Axis
Cybaman Replicator
5/6 Axis
Denford Lathe


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